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03 Mar

Getting Results at Summit Sierra and Olympus

You may have read in the news about how our students and other public charter school students around the state

10 Feb

Why a Charter School Opponent became a Charter School Parent

The following post is from the League of Education Voters blog. By Melissa Pailthorp Almost precisely one year ago, my

21 Jan

Summit Students and Parents visit Olympia

Our courageous students and parents made the trip to Olympia on Martin Luther King Jr. day to passionately share  their stories

10 Nov

Parent Letter – Charter School Ruling

This letter appeared in the Northwest Asian Weekly on November 6, 2015 After the recent Washington Supreme Court ruling that

02 Nov

One Seattle Parent: Making a Non-Political Case for Charter Schools

By Linda Sikora The issue of charter schools is our state’s newest political hotbed – if you’re “for” charters, you

24 Oct

Parent Letter to Rep. Pettigrew by Lynn Gilliland

Hi Rep. Pettigrew, I was at the meeting last week at Summit Sierra and didn’t get an opportunity to personally

23 Oct