08 May

Thank you to our teachers

In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, Summit Public Schools wants to express how thankful we are and how much respect we have for the work teachers do every day in the classroom to help students succeed in school, college, and life.

If you visit any classroom at Summit Sierra, Summit Atlas, or Summit Olympus, you will see teachers:

•  Engaging and challenging students to reach their goals and do their very best.

•  Mentoring and supporting students through good and challenging times.

•  Introducing students to new activities and ideas that help them find their passions and causes they care deeply about.

Every day, teachers are working hard to meet each student where they are to personalize their instruction and meet the needs of every child in their classroom. Teachers also make sure every student knows that they are known and cared for. Our teachers are truly making a difference in students’ lives and futures.

At Summit, our teachers are also teaching students what it means to be a contributing member of their community. Whether it’s volunteering at the White Center Food Bank, organizing a blood drive or volunteering at a nonprofit, these experiences show students the positive impact they can have on their own communities.

As our schools grow, we will be welcoming more amazing teachers to the Summit family. The growth and success of our schools is made possible because by the dedication of our teachers to serve our students and families everyday. Thank you for all you do for our students, families, and the communities we serve.

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