22 May

Award Winning Sierra Students Share Their Story, Amplify their Voice

Two Summit Sierra High School students received first and second place in the We.App’s Rising Voices Oratory Competition. Congratulations to Oscar Cortes, an 11th grader, who finished first and N’dalo Mawamba, a 10th grader, who finished second. Along with Oscar and N’dalo, 10th grader Torin Petke also participated in the event. Watch Oscar’s and N’dalo’s award winning performances below!

Summit Sierra High School students participate in expedition courses that are taught by experts in their field and community organizations that have a long standing commitment to the community and young people. Expeditions also give students the opportunity to engage with organizations in our community.

One of the groups the school works with helps students learn and succeed in a skill most fear – public speaking. Established in 2012, We.App stands for we act, present and perform and provides public speaking and performance art courses, teaching youth the art of authentic communication by giving them a voice to impact the world.

Throughout the academic year, Sierra students gained skills such as critical thinking, improvisation and presentation and projection to help them write and perform a speech. Every day of their courses  filled with rewriting and rehearsing their speech and thinking about their own voice and how they want to communicate their message.

The students participated in an oratory competition with students from other Seattle schools. This was Oscar’s second year participating in the competition and was one of the students featured in this KUOW story last year.

Congratulations to Oscar, N’dalo, and Torin on sharing your voice and story with the community!

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