10 Apr

How Students and Mentors are Building Trust at Atlas

When you were growing up did you have a friend or group of friends that were by your side throughout your middle and high school years?

At Summit Public Schools not only does every student have a mentor that stays with them throughout their time at school, but every student has a mentor group that sticks together. At Atlas these mentor groups are called pods, just like the family groups that Orca whales swim in.

“Each pod group has each other’s back,” said Nick Woodruff a history teacher and pod leader at Summit Atlas. “It’s a really cool, tight bond they have. They are a support system and also hold each other accountable.”

Mentor groups are one of the many reasons Dawn Clafin chose Summit Atlas for her son. She liked the idea that he would have a mentor and a group of students that would stick together throughout his time at Summit. Dawn added that it was encouraging for her to send her son to a new school with new students knowing someone was looking out for her child’s social and emotional wellbeing and growth.

Tahlia Calderon, a 6th grader, likes how her mentor group is a safe place where the group of students can share their feelings and challenges and won’t be judged and that they will listen to each other.

At least once a week each pod has circle. Circle is a time where the students, in their pod groups can talk about their week, what’s going on in their life and what’s coming up.

“What I like about circle is you feel you have a connection with everyone in my pod that’s unbreakable,” said Khalid Hussein, a 9th grader at Summit Atlas.

Abdirahman Mukhtar, a 6th grader at Atlas, has circle every Friday with his pod. During circle his pod uses the time to get to know each other better and check in on what’s going on in their lives.

“It feels good because everybody wants to know how you’re doing,” Abdirahman said. “If you’re doing bad then everybody is going to try to help you and feel better.”

Positive adult mentors and a close knit student community have great benefits for student development. When students feel connected and feel like they can trust their school faculty and friends they have a support system that can help them succeed in school and life.

Want to see mentorship and a tight knit student community in action? Schedule a visit to Summit Atlas today. Summit Atlas is enrolling 6th, 7th, 9th and 10th graders for the next school year. Learn more, schedule a tour, or enroll your child here.

Did you have a group of friends or a mentor that helped you on your pathway? Share your story in the comments.

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