09 Mar

A Window into Atlas

By Katie Bubalo, Executive Director at Summit Atlas

Last month, we welcomed the West Seattle, White Center, and surrounding communities into Summit Atlas’ new home at the corner of 35th and Roxbury. Although the renovation and construction is just underway, our future home already has the feeling of community, promise and educational opportunity.

Home is not so much a place or a fancy building, but all the things that bind a community together: beliefs, values, and choices to make our lives better. Even in our early stages, we can see and feel this sense of commonality. Allow me to share a view into our home. When you come inside, you will find:

•  All are welcome! Families and students from different backgrounds, neighborhoods, socioeconomic positions, races, creeds, religions and languages not just working together but binding together.

 Professionals who care deeply about young people succeeding. Teachers who fight for equity in education and believe the opportunity gap is something we will close together, and who believe every child, no matter how far behind they may be or where they come from, can succeed in college.

 Education’s higher purpose. A deeply rooted belief that the purpose of education is not just to better ourselves, but ultimately, to help us in serving our community.

In our Summit Atlas home, we will practice grace and grit and work with urgency on rigorous academic projects that make learning fun. Project-based learning allows students to think about and work on issues applicable to our lives. Each project is designed to push students closer and closer to college-readiness. We will take joy in helping others and be grateful to have the opportunity to do so. We will sit around the table and set goals together, work to meet those goals, and then set even higher goals the next time.

Perhaps most importantly at Atlas, we keep our doors open and we have high expectations. We are excited to collaborate with our neighbors at other schools and community members. We invite anyone and everyone who is interested in these values–diversity, inclusivity, compassion, excellence, growth–to join our family.  

We invite you to learn more about our new home and how we help 98 percent of Summit students graduate with a college acceptance letter in hand.

Summit Atlas is now enrolling 6th and 9th graders for the 2017-2018 school year. Families and students can find more information including how to enroll at www.summitps.org/schools/washington/summit-atlas

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