16 Nov

Student Voices – Supreme Court Decision – By Kai Worley-Flannell

Hello, I am Kai Worley-Flannell, a student currently attending Summit Sierra High School, one of the many public charter schools currently open in Washington state. I chose this school above other potential schooling options, because I felt like it’s learning environment was ideal for me. Other students in the state also deserve to have the choice of where they want to learn.

The public school system does not work for every student, and not every student can afford to go to a private school. At my school, and I’m sure that other public charter schools are like this as well, there is a ton of diversity. People come in all all shapes, sizes, skin colors, cultures, and families. Shouldn’t our schools be just as unique as each one of us?

When I heard the news that public charter schools had been deemed unconstitutional, I was saddened. School for us had been going on for about 2 weeks, and I had already made a few friends. My grades improved because the way the school taught worked for me. Everything was easier to understand, the same went for everyone else they tell me. My friends and I all have been seen as “weird”, but the positive atmosphere provided by the school allowed us a place to fit in. People like me could slip through the cracks if they don’t have somewhere to flourish.

In my school, all incomes are represented somewhere. But their income doesn’t determine the education they receive at Summit Sierra, or at any public charter school. Thanks to public charter schools, all students of all types can choose a place where they can succeed. I even know some people at my school who are the first in their family to go to college.

These public charter schools are revolutionizing the way education happens, and revolutionizing the way that our state functions. Thousands of jobs are out there and more are be created every year, and that’s not including the fact that public charter schools are teaching entrepreneurs who are going to be the spark for the big businesses of the future, but who’s going to do that if we don’t have an adequate workforce ready to fill those positions as Washington’s next big innovators.

I’m not saying that every child is going to be Bill Gates, but with the promise that public charter schools like mine are showing, every child will get the opportunity. What can we do to make this dream a reality? Our schools must stay open, so students like me can continue to flourish. Reinstating the ability for public charter schools to allow choice to every child will be the most important thing that can be done.

The future of education lies in your hands, if we are to succeed in not letting any child be left behind, public charter schools need to stay open so the option of a personalized education can continue to be something that a student has the option to choose. Though many schools exist already, not every student is a fit for every school. Students will always go to school, just like a seed properly nurtured is always going to grow, but it’s up to where you plant it whether it withers and dies or blossoms into a flower.

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