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24 Nov

Summit gives thanks to our Washington state community

By Jen Wickens, Summit Washington Chief Regional Officer Opening a new school is nothing short of a miracle. The amount of

20 Nov

Summit Public Schools: It’s time for our legislators to do what’s right for kids

Thursday afternoon Summit students, families and staff learned on the drive home from Olympia that the state Supreme Court denied

16 Nov

Student Voices – Supreme Court Decision – By Jalen

Dear Washington State Legislature, As you may know on September 4th 2015 the Washington State Supreme Court issued a ruling

16 Nov

Student Voices – Supreme Court Decision – By Kai Worley-Flannell

Hello, I am Kai Worley-Flannell, a student currently attending Summit Sierra High School, one of the many public charter schools

12 Nov
10 Nov

Parent Letter – Charter School Ruling

This letter appeared in the Northwest Asian Weekly on November 6, 2015 After the recent Washington Supreme Court ruling that